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Online e-reputation cleaning agency

One of the key levers for cleaning up a reputation is the publication of articles on various websites designed to improve your image when you are searched for you, your entity/company. To date, we have one of the largest network of sites in Europe: we have tens of thousands of sites.

PremRank proposes at the request of the customer the establishment of an NDA (Confidentiality Agreement) guaranteeing total confidentiality on the mission entrusted to our services, this for all our staff, this means among other things :

➝ No staff outside our company are used.
➝ The use of encrypted messages at military-style encryption.
➝ For more information on the level of privacy applied, contact us.

The answer is yes: we offer resellers the white mark, as well as a commission of 10% of the purchase revenue per customer. Just as we sometimes deal with difficult cases in collaboration with some colleagues. Go to the contact page for detailed information on this.

A project manager is assigned based on the specificity of the cleaning and the theme of your company/person. This same person will therefore be your sole interlocutor and will coordinate, if necessary, the various stakeholders at our level.

This can range from a few days for single cases to several months for a complete cleaning relative to older items. We provide an accurate estimate after reviewing the situation and guarantee a means obligation to each of our cleaning orders and a result obligation for improvement and protection orders..

Our main methods of action are numerous, and it is essentially :

➝ The Legal Part for the Removal of Links (specialty judicial officer)

➝ Natural Referencing for the Improvement Part of Mass Posting Positive Content about You Online.

It is obvious that for reasons of confidentiality, we do not communicate on all the techniques used. We are contracted to meet our means obligations.

Google alone accounts for 95% of the market share and the first page captures more than 75% of the clicks. We will be focused in this direction, and our actions are also valid for other search engines such as Yahoo and Bing.

PremRank is a totally legal platform and ethics is our priority, which is why some orders are cancelled and refunded, such as orders for the following themes. :

➝ Miscellaneous and Varied Crimes.
➝ Sexual Assault Punishable by law.
➝ Scam and Abuse of Weakness.
➝ Trafficking in animals, or any illegal element.
➝ Non-compliance with laws in your home country.


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