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  • 6 quality items per month
  • Studying your e-reputation
  • Boost your social pages
  • Social media tips
  • $249/month


  • 12 quality items per month
  • Studying your e-reputation
  • Boost your social pages
  • Social media tips
  • $499 TTC/month


  • 24 quality items per month
  • Studying your e-reputation
  • Boost your social pages
  • Social media tips
  • $899 TTC/month

E-reputation is an essential element regardless of your activity/status

You are a business manager, you want to develop your business on the internet, but you do not know where to start? You are a diverse personality, at the head of a company, or a private individual and would like to improve the reputation of your activity on the web but you need help to make the most of your online image? Look no further, we're here to help!

Creating and publishing quality articles :

All of our Reputation Enhancement PACKS include publishing articles and positives. The reputation of a company or personality on the Internet depends heavily on the experience and opinions of Internet users: comments, reviews, and publications are indeed very active, and the image of a company or person can quickly be destroyed, by a bad customer feedback or an article that is not rewarding what may put you in a difficult situation. That's why we make our experience available to you to provide you with quality articles, intended to enhance your business or content when you type the associated name on the various search engines: for this, we write articles of about 300 words (minimum required) so that our actions are well considered by readers on the front pages of different search engines..

These are for example small reviews about your company / brand / person: we present for example your activity, your human qualities or your results. We also offer articles in the form of testimonials from satisfied customers, who will recommend your online activities. No matter what form our articles take, the goal remains the same: to make a simple Google search via a keyword that determines you speak to you in a positive way. To do this, we highlight your viral potential in order to create a positive buzz around you, your business and your business..

Full study of your e-reputation :

Our Reputation Enhancement PACKS include an in-depth study of your e-reputation. Since the internet has established itself as a key player, believing that not everything happens online is a mistake that can cost you dearly: indeed, information circulates very quickly on networks, so that it is sometimes difficult to maintain total control of its reputation on the web once it is damaged by only a few words. That's why we offer you an in-depth study of your e-reputation: we analyze and inspect every nook and cran streets of the web, in order to find all the elements related to your company, entity or person. We focus our actions on potential negatives, in order to limit the harms.

We also identify the positives about your case, and we take care to highlight them in order to improve your overall reputation on the internet. Once our study is completed and your order is completed, we will give you a detailed report on all the actions taken: you will have all the operations that have been undertaken and that have improved your reputation, you are then free to renew your PACK (no commitment or direct debit will be made).

Boost your social pages :

Our Reputation Enhancement PACKS include a complete boost to your social pages. This means that if you benefit as a person, entity, company from one or more social pages (Instagram/Facebook/Twitter/Youtube), we focus a lot of our attention on promoting that. In order to greatly increase your notoriety: we highlight your posts by sending targeted likes, your pages by sending fans / followers, your videos by sending views. This will result in a reputation and a reputation much more credible in the eyes of your prospects. We don't need your passwords, just the link to your social pages (which we'll look for once you've placed your order).

Advice and analysis of your social networks :

In a world in transition to a near-total digital phase, social networks are becoming more and more important to your reputation: it's impossible to miss Twitter, Facebook or Instagram these days! And because the reputation of a company is also built on these networks in question: we offer you to support yourself in this heavy task that is to promote your content on social networks. We also analyze your company's existing page(s) and tell you how to optimize its management to ensure their development..

And if social networks really aren't your cup of tea, no problem: we take care of setting them up, it goes from creating a personalized page to promoting it, to communicating around your company on the networks.

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