The Importance of Online Reputation in 2020

Searching for information on the internet has become a reflex. You take out your smartphone, you type a name into Google, and you immediately post photos, videos and articles about it. However, a skid happened very quickly. Dispute between teenagers who turns to harassment on the web, competitors who impersonate you to defame your products, aggressive videos of influencers about you, malevolence can be practiced in many ways on the net. But the internet never forgets: defamatory content posted online, a photo of you drunk, and you risk losing your job years later for a youthful mistake. Whether you are an individual or a professional, your online reputation is measured by reviews found on the web and social networks about your activity. But when the damage is done, you will have to quickly find solutions to prevent the situation from escalating.

Who is online reputation management for?

Everyone is concerned about online reputation. Take the test: type your name or brand name into the Google search bar and view the results images and text. You're going fast identify what data may harm your image. For example, do you think that the driver of the bus that crashed into a TGV in the Millas case will find a job quickly? Whether you are a brand, a particular, major or minor, any negative, offensive, defamatory, insulting, stolen, privacy-related or harmful content broadcast online will impact your "real" life for a very long time..

online reputation

Individuals, professionals, secure your image on the web, Twitter, Facebook is crucial for your well-being and your future. If you are looking for a job, or are launching a new range of products and you are your online reputation is tainted negative content, whether unjustified or not, is irrelevant to the public. A negative e-reputation can keep you going for a very long time and resurface when you least expect it.

If your teen sends nude photos to his or her friends, if a disgruntled customer or employee has gone to "rot" all the online review sites he may have found, if "trolls" have invaded your Facebook page, if a competitor impersonates you to make unjustifiable remarks... the bad buzz can jeopardize your business very quickly, especially since these acts are difficult to reversible. So everyone needs to protect their e-reputation.

It doesn't matter if you're known or not to the general public. Information flows quickly and can cause the blockage or the end of your career, regardless of the field. Remember the Alexandre Benalla case and the number of articles and videos that have been around the web. You will quickly understand the importance of managing your online reputation.

How do you organize your e-reputation management?

Protecting your e-reputation is crucial to not compromising your professional future, both as a company and as a job seeker. Monitor, clean up your online reputation and benefit from a lasting cover-up of negative content online.

Removing items

If you are prejudiced by certain data such as defamatory links, you can be accompanied by a judicial officer to ensure their removal from the web through our Netsmall Pack.

Active surveillance

Software lets you be alerted in real time when you're talking about. Control your information flows through services Monitoring effective that make you more effective reactivity in the event of an attack or defamation by a competitor.

Building a positive e-reputation

You can also get rid of Google parasitic pages making them less visible. Improve your SEO Natural SeO search engines to build a positive reputation placing the desired items in the first results. Easily create valuable links and messages on social networks to helpimprove your image.

If you need a complete turnkey strategy To improve your image, protect your teen or restore the trust of your customers, ask for a personalized audit to benefit from a whole range of solutions!

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